Maro Office Furniture is a pioneer in the European contract office marketplace developing innovative and desirable ranges for contemporary offices. Maro is synonymous with high quality, functionality, leading edge designs coupled with innovative technology.

We were asked for help in presenting two foldable desks designed in intention to create a better home office experience. We've planned a day on set to do a photoshoot combined with filming  –  two videos presenting both desks. For a location we chose a stylish showroom located in a charming tenement. 

As for the first set featuring the sit or and stand desk we chose olive accessories and essentials within our color palette. ​​​​​​​Set design and wardrobe choices were on our side. 
We delivered one film and over a dozen photos for our client. 

The second set presented a white, chest of drawers looking like folding desk. Our film highlighted the benefits of Maro's design, its mobility, functionality, and easy-to-set-up home office experience. We've decided to stay within the pastel pink palette which corresponded to the desk's organizers installed inside. 

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